God is trustworthy


Psalm 62:8:  Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us.  Selah.  (KJV)

Trusting God is not a one-time life event.  It is a constant everyday event.  When two trusted people speak to each other, they pour out their hearts with each other.  They trust each other so much that there is nothing hidden in their heart.  They speak everything under the sun because they are confident of each other and respect each other’s feelings.  They value their friendship above everything.

This is how everyone who trust God does.  They pour out their worries, pain, happiness, difficulties, etc.  Jesus Himself calls all those who are burdened and heavy laden to go to Him because He will give them rest.  When we trust Him and tell Him what is worrying or concerning us, He in return will ease our situation by giving us peace and comfort.  He is our refuge, the one and only go-to place that we have.  The psalmist here encourages us to trust in Him at all times, i.e., in every high and low situation.  Instead of finding human comfort, let us go to God’s presence and tell Him how we feel.  We should show God that we love and trust Him no matter what.

Since God is our refuge, a strong go-to place in times of our need, we can boldly tell Him the things that we hidden in our heart/mind.  When we trust God for who He is, He will reward our trust by giving what we need.

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