God Revives, Defends, and Saves Us


Psalm 138:7 – “…thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.”

David “walked in the midst of trouble” for a big part of his life. When the persecution of Saul was over, he had trouble from foreign enemies; when these were subdued, his domestic troubles began. God, however, frequently “gave him a reviving.”
David understood that though God is great in glory, He holds the humble in high regard and keeps His distance from the proud. It gave David confidence that God’s unfailing love and faithfulness would revive him in his present trouble. When we understand God’s greatness and kindness, it builds our faith. David was sure God would give him help with all of His divine skills and strength. By applying His promises, by His Presence, and because David’s understood God’s love, God would preserve David’s life (amidst all his troubles), support him, make him cheerful and fearless, revive His work of grace in David and in the fervent discharge of his duty.
God would merely stretch out his left hand to defend David against the wrath of his enemy armies by stopping, opposing, or restraining their rage. God would defend him with His left hand and save or protect David with His right hand. “The right hand of God” is a Hebrew way to say “what God does on the earth”. We could translate it, “by the power of God”. Lord Jesus Christ, who is at God’s right hand, is also the right hand of His righteousness, which means Christ saves God’s people with a spiritual and eternal salvation.

In our context, trouble comes to the best of men-outward and inward trouble, from sin, Satan, and the world. We find ourselves in the midst of it, surrounded by it, and it is a way in which we walk through this world and enter the kingdom of heaven. We should have the conviction of David that – whenever he was in trouble God would remember him, and give him life and strength. ‘Thou wilt revive me – Thou wilt cause me to live; thou wilt give me life.’ ‘Thou wilt give me life – vigor – strength – to bear the trouble.’Divine consolations have enough in them to revive us, especially when we walk in the midst

of troubles. God will save us, His people, to be revived by the Holy Spirit- the Giver of life and holiness. We will get comfort during our trials when we give God the glory of His mercy. What God had so often done for him, David was confident that He will do again. What about you – do you have the conviction that the same faithful and loving God of David will send the Holy Spirit to revive you, will stretch out his left hand against your enemies while protecting you in His right hand? What is your conviction today?