God shapes peace for us


Isaiah 26:12-“Lord, thou will ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.”

When we look around the world, there is turmoil, hatred, discord, agitation, and distress. But this is what the world feels. Believers have a different life. A life in Jesus and for Jesus. God establishes peace for us –the path that He has built for us may not always be smooth and easy. However, because we depend on God for our every step and direction, and because He is with us through the journey, we have peace through the grace God gives for that purpose and for that season. The secret to determine the path which God has for us is this – we will have peace in our hearts while we do what God wants us to as He will be pleased with us. All this is possible because of our faith in God and not at all because of our works. We are made by God and live for Christ, who is righteousness, so we aim at doing good works, the good works path which God prepared for us so that we can follow it.

When we get our wins or accolades also, we remember God because it is through His works and grace that we succeed in our works. Our works don’t count for our salvation. It is never enough, and never will be enough, for us to be ‘eligible’ to be saved. Even the opportunities to do our works are provided and fashioned by our God. He looks after our every need and knows what we need to attain peace. Anything that we have achieved is the result of God’s action. Every human or animal, every business or job, and every way for our comfort is made by God. Even things that seemed to be against us, God has made to work for us. Our God provides peace for us; He destroys His and our enemies and thus blesses us with peace and prosperity. What is peace? It is God’s favor and includes all blessings: temporary or spiritual. All the good and great works which have been produced for us, all our wonderful deliverances and single blessings, come from God.