God, our shield and our reward


Genesis 15:1:  After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

Abraham rescued his nephew Lot from the attackers and returned back.  He refused to keep any goods that the king of Sodom offered to him.  God appeared to Abram in a vision and strengthens him by saying not to be fearful of anything and that He is Abram’s shield as well as exceeding great reward.

God was happy with the way Abram refused to take anything from the kings who came to attack his nephew, Lot.  God assured Abram and He would be his shield as in to protect and to keep him secure.  Probably Abram was afraid that the very kings that he had defeated would come back and cause harm to him or ransack his entire dwelling.  God told him not to be afraid.  God also tells him that He himself is his reward and not just a rewarder.  This very God would be with us too.  He will be our shield against the enemy and protect and keep us safe and secure.  God appreciates every sacrifice that we make in order to honour Him.  Abram refused to be rewarded from the attackers, so God became his reward.  When we take a stand for God and refuse to accept worldly pleasures and honour and fame, God would stand up for us too.  Is there any other exceedingly greater reward than having God Himself as our reward?

If there is anything that worries you or causes you to be upset today, fear not.  God who spoke to Abram and encouraged him not to fear is speaking to you too.  If you feel you have lost so many things for God, God says to you today that He is your reward.  Set your hearts on Him.