The God of strength and peace


Psalm 29:11:  I Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

In our weakness, we are made strong in the strength of the Lord.  When we are lack peace, God’s peace will guard our minds and hearts.  When our life seems so hopeless and we feel like we are being dragged around, God will strengthen us.  In the midst of turmoil and confusion, He will fill us with peace.

He will give strength to the people whom He has chosen as His own.  Life will always be surrounded with troubles, war, calamities, challenges, etc,.  Sometimes we feel like giving up everything and just go back to where we were before the start of our life of faith.  Sometimes there is a feeling that God seems to be so far away from us that our strength seems to be getting drained from us completely.  God will never abandon us.  He will fill us with immense joy and strength because we are His people.  He will give us the much needed strength either through His word or through a dream or through a song, etc.  He will assure us that He is with us forever.  He will give us victory against all our enemies be it physical or spiritual.  In the midst of a tempest or a storm, He will give us peace.  He will cool our minds and hearts with perfect peace.  He will teach us that He is still in control of everything that rises against us to beset and baffle us.

Let us worship and adore this God who gives us strength in our weakness and peace in our tempest.  We should be grateful to God because He has made us His people.