God sustains and raises you


Psalm 145:14:  The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.

God is so kind and gracious.  The scriptures rightly describe Him as a very present help in time of trouble.  God is not happy up there with somebody’s downfall or weakness.  He does not rejoice when His child goes down.  He lifts up His children and fills them with strength to go on.  Yes, he raises up everyone who is bowed down in life under stressors and pressure.

Uphold means to sustain or protect or preserve, keep, etc.  When the psalmist says that the Lord upholds everyone that fall, he means to say that God will sustain them that fall.  A person falls down when his strength fails him to let up be upright.  A person also falls when he or she stumbles upon something or when not so careful while walking or running.  In life, we go through so many kinds of falls either accidental or due to carelessness.  We rely on our strength to carry us through.  Then one fine day, we realize that we are flat on the ground and we think it is all over.  Actually, that is not the end of the story.  God will pick us up and ask us to move on in life again.  He will preserve us and protect us from the plans of the wicked one that caused us to fall and tell us He has better plans for us.  He will raise up His children from their condition of being bowed down or stooped down after having lost all their hope and joy.  God will exalt them to a much higher level.

God will both sustain us when we fall down so that we would not be hurt, and He will also raise us up from dust and make us stand on higher ground.  Trust God and move on.