God will settle the matter


Ruth 3:18 – “Then Naomi said, ‘Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.'”

The story of Ruth has a lot to teach us. The similarities between Boaz being Ruth’s kinsman redeemer, and Jesus being the Redeemer of our souls is astounding. In today’s verse, we see Naomi reminding Ruth to wait because she knows Boaz will settle their problem.

When we present our problems to God, we need to have the same assurance that God will take care of the matter. God who knows you best, knows what’s best for you. He will settle things for you in the way He deems best. It is not easy to wait patiently knowing that things are unsettled. But that is exactly what God wants you to do.

God will settle the matter for you. Just wait and trust Him, until you find out what your next step should be. Do not be hasty in taking matters into your own hands. Let whatever you’ve committed to God remain in His hand. But make sure that you hold on to His hand, and let Him guide you in the way you should go. He will settle the matter in a way that works out for your good and His glory.