God, your establisher


II Thessalonians 3:3:  But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

Man is not faithful but God is.  Faithful means being loyal or committed to a person to do what has been promised or vowed.  Man fails in his words or promises many times but God never has done that and will never do it.  He is the one who will establish you and keep you from all evil and harm.

God was faithful to the saints in the Bible.  He allowed them to go through some tough challenges.  Job was one such man who endured suffering and his latter part of his life was blessed.  Joseph went through very bad times and false accusation, yet he wasn’t forgotten by God.  He rose as the second in command to the king of Egypt.  David was much sought after by King Saul, but God protected him and established him.  The list can go on and on.  If God has made a covenant with you, He will establish your life no matter what comes your way or who stands in your way.  If he has decided to honour you, He will surely fulfill it because of His faithfulness.

The God who called you is faithful.  He will move heaven and earth for you to fulfill what He has told you.  Don’t lose heart when you see the wicked prospering around you.  Just hold on to Him.  He will lead you in paths of righteousness.  He will keep you from all evil and show you His kindness so that His favour shall shine upon you all the days of your life.