God’s Lovingkindness and Faithfulness


Psalm 36:5 – “Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.”

A common contrast we see in the Bible is between the wicked man and the godly man. In this scripture however, the psalmist makes a surprising contrast between a wicked man and God?! The foremost and main quality of God is Mercy. Mercy is usually referred to as ‘lovingkindness’. God is merciful not only to the humans on the Earth but also to the angels in Heaven. This attribute is in the Heavens, in perfection and till eternity, and is meted out to us – sinful men. The next attribute of God is His faithfulness. Faithfulness is being reliable for every promise ever made, to have an attachment to those once loved, to maintain an undeviating stand of the truth. The truth, which includes threatening against enemies and promises made to good men. Faithfulness of God reaches up to the clouds, which signifies it is far above our reach, greater and higher than we can apprehend it. It rises above the loftiest trees and ascends above the mountains. The idea here is that God’s faithfulness is elevated or exalted. We may despair of our enemies, yet we trust in God.

The main difference between God and man is that men may stop their compassion at times or altogether. Meanwhile, with God we will always find mercy. We can take great comfort with this mercy as it will never be taken away. God’s lovingkindness or mercy is precious to us. We are safe and feel at ease when we put ourselves under God’s protection. We must want more of God, never more than God. The gifts of Providence will satisfy us, who are content with the things that we have. But full satisfaction is reserved for when our joys shall be constant. God not only works in us a gracious desire for these pleasures, but by his Spirit fills our souls with joy and peace in believing.

God quickens us to come and freely take from Him of the waters of life. For this, we must know, love, and uprightly serve the Lord; then no proud enemy, on earth or from hell, shall separate us from God’s love. With our faith we can call things that are not, as though they were. Our faith carries us forward to the end of time – our faith shows us the Lord on His throne of judgment and the empire of sin fallen to rise no more. God never fails, nor forgets, nor falters, nor forfeits His Word. While we are under the cloud we are in the region of God’s faithfulness.