Companionship of God


Revelation 21:3 – “God Himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

This chapter talks about John to whom God showed the future. The new Heaven that will replace the old Heaven and a new Earth that will replace the old Earth. The old Heaven and Earth will not be there anymore. The new Earth will be very different from the old Earth and a better place for people to live.

John also saw a city that came down from Heaven – the New Jerusalem. John saw that the city was beautiful. It reminded him of a lovely bride. It was like a bride coming to her wedding. The New Jerusalem is where God’s people would live. The best part is that God himself will live there with them. He will always be there with His people. These people will come from every tribe, language, people, and nation. They will have one thing in common – their faith. They believe in God, they believe in Jesus as His Son who died and was resurrected to save us. They ran their race on Earth in obedience to the Word and only through their faith got help to overcome their sins. During this time, these people will see God and be with God as if He were a person. They will live the rest of their days through eternity this way. Remember where there is God, there is only peace, love, no sickness or suffering, no evil. God will wipe away every tear from their eyes-tears of bereavement, of sympathy and mercy, of persecuted innocence, of contrition and penitence, of disappointment and neglect, of yearning for what cannot be. There will be no death or sorrow. There will be no pain. God’s desire is to live in close fellowship with man, and man’s purpose is to be a people unto God.

Would you like to be one who will rest in New Jerusalem? Let’s focus on getting there from today. Do we need to do good works? Do we need to obey the Word? Do we need to show others God’s love in our words and actions? Even though all this is part of what we must do as Christians to try to be like Jesus, the only thing that can get us there is our faith. We are not righteous enough nor will we ever be at any point. It is only when we have faith in Christ that His righteousness gets us the pass to get in to Heaven.