God’s mercy in trials


Psalm 32:10:  Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.

The wicked will not always prosper.  When they go through sorrows, they just go through it alone and on their own. They do not have godly strength to face the hard circumstances in their life.  When a person who trusts in the Lord goes through sorrows, God will compass him with His mercy.

No challenge is big enough to go through for those who trust in God.  The wicked will be prosperous for some time, but in due time, they will have to pay up for their deeds with sorrows and afflictions brought on by their own way of living.  They will have no where to go for comfort or care because nobody will trust them.  When Job was struck with calamities upon calamities, it was the Lord who protected him and safeguarded his integrity.  The Lord’s mercy compassed him, so he was able to pull through successfully.  Joseph was one other such character who was able to feel God’s mercy all around him at the house of Potiphar as well as in the prison.

Be strong when you are crushed and pressurized.  The very God who was with the saints in the Bible will be with you too and cover you with His love and grace.  Thank God in every situation and circumstance and ask God to fill you with wisdom to handle everything that you go through.  May God’s love protect you and surround you even as you start to trust Him for His purpose and plan for your life.