God, your teacher


Isaiah 54:13:  All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be peace of your children.

The trend that we see in the present world now is children do not want to be counseled or taught by their parents or elders.  They feel they are grown up and adults and that they can handle their life on their own.  On the contrary, a child of God shall be taught by the Lord.  Every child of God who is instructed by the Lord will have great peace.  This peace will be the one which passes all understanding.

We are the spiritual children of God Almighty, redeemed by His blood and made righteous by His death on the cross for us.  Our everyday living and life must be centered around Jesus and His word.  His word should be the light and lamp to our path and feet.  When there is so much happening in and around the world that we live, God’s children can be rest assured that we can live in peace.  Even when everything gets thrown out of gear and our life will look like it will crumble and tumble, God will ensure that we sleep peacefully in the storm.

Let God be the counselor in your life on every important and less important things in your life.  Peace is not something that you find when things are good looking, but peace is something you can claim to have even when things are not that great.  This peace is the one that God gives.  To get this, you have to allow yourself to be led and taught by God.


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