God’s Spirit of Power, Love, and Sound Mind


2 Timothy 1:7 –“For God has not given a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

This scripture talks about what God gave us when He made us in His image. God did not give us skills to make us cowards, rather He gave us power, love, and control of ourselves. In addition to this, when God calls us to do a particular task, He equips us with whatever we need to be able to do that in excellence! Although Timothy was a quiet and timid man, God appointed him to lead the church at Ephesus; so, God gave him all needed to do the task. Timothy knew the fear he sometimes felt. God wanted Timothy to know that this fear wasn’t from the God he served. The gift of the Holy Spirit of God would not cause him to be afraid but be bold. He would not be shy or afraid to use his authority in the church. Timothy could be the leader that God wanted, because of the power that God gave.
In this same way, God by his Spirit gives power to all those who need it. We all face situations where we feel timid or afraid: to speak in front of others, times of confrontation, of being made to look foolish, and of rejection. We all deal with fear. 1-The first step is to understand that fear is not from God. We must know this and say in faith, “God isn’t making me feel like this; nor has God given me this.” We must understand that fear is perhaps from our personality, a weakness of the flesh, a demonic attack, or some such reason, but definitely not from God. 2- The second step is to understanding what God has given us: a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.

God gives us the power to do what He asks us to do. Paul also says that the gift of the Spirit brings power for us to control our minds, to control our thoughts and actions. This gift of God provides the strength of character that we need. When we do God’s work such as, proclaiming His Word or representing His kingdom, we have all God’s power that supports us and thus, we are safe in His hands.
In the church, the leader serves his people. In church or outside, those who have authority must use it with love; they must love God and His people. God has given us His Spirit, the power of love. It may be difficult for us to love like this; but because the gift of God is love, we love as God intends us to love.
The world thinks that ‘power’ means how much we can control others. However, Jesus’ power is expressed through how much we love and serve others. When God gave all things to Jesus’ hands on the night before the cross, Jesus washed his disciple’s feet. God has given us a sound mind, which means a calm, self-controlled mind. This is in contrast to what we experience when panic and confusion rushes in a fearful situation.

We don’t need to accept what God has not given and we do need to humbly receive and walk in what God has given us. We can’t fulfill God’s purpose for our lives without being bold. Fear and timidity will keep us from using the gifts God gives. God wants each of us to use His power, His love, and His calm thinking to overcome fear, and to be used of Him with all the gifts He gives. God’s purpose is more than to make money, to be entertained, and to be comfortable. God’s purpose is, for us is to use the gifts He has given us, to touch His people and to help a needy world.


  1. Freddy Jacob
    11 May 2018 08:42:47 Reply

    Please pray to come out of Fear and to have Gods power,love and sound mind to fulfill Gods purpose

  2. Joseph Melchior
    11 May 2018 08:49:05 Reply

    Very true

  3. Akshay Telangi
    11 May 2018 09:53:11 Reply


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