Growing Old God’s Way


Psalm 71:9 – Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.

Brenda believed in reaching out; especially to the elderly folks. She recollects, back in the 80s, visiting houses of the elderly, spending time with them – like playing cards or scrabble etc – fond memories! The church would encourage these activities through small groups in the parish. The young along with an adult on a Saturday evening would visit nearby hospitals and dispensaries and talk to patients, spend time with them, hear their misery out, distribute tracts, give hope, lay hands and pray for those who allowed them and simply shared Jesus with them. This was an ongoing activity.

So on one occasion when she overheard an elderly woman asking for directions to a nursing home and realized that it was a complicated route, it was only natural that she offered to give her drop even though that meant taking a complete detour.

Inasmuch as we expect God to be the help and comfort of the elderly, it should be our endeavor to ensure that they are cared for. David was probably old and gray when he penned down this psalm and there is no doubt that he was assured of God’s hand on his life even in the twilight of his life, that’s why his prayer had an air of confidence in his God.

Oh God, you are our God in our youth and our God in our old age, help us to ever look to you for all things. May all of us truly look to You for salvation now and forevermore. Help us to understand and be fed by the words of this psalm. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen!