He carries you even when you cannot see.


17 March 2020 – Hebrews 10:23

The thunder roars and mountains stand tall, but we have a God who made it all. Fear not for he carries you even when you cannot see.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

We live in a world that a lot cannot be understood. Sometimes situations will propel our thoughts to deviate towards solutions. Most of the time those solutions that we think about would be for our benefit. Remember, we are made in his image but most of the time we are creating our own image. We mould ourselves in such a way where we would profit or benefit. We cannot let go of the Eve mentality and sometimes create another Garden of Eden in the bargain. We all know what happened there. Disobedience, lack of fellowship with the Lord, fall into sin and ultimately death.

At times when the burdens of life or the pleasure of our eyes take over our senses, we keep creating this same Adam and Eve story. We allow the tempter to tempt us in our thoughts which then creates the attraction of beauty in what we see and finally we give in. We give in to our greed, our ego, our self – centredness, our jealousy, our pride. And when the fruit has been eaten and the effect of it fills our stomach then we realise that we have fallen. We get up, dust the mud off our shoes, humble, ask forgiveness. But when this is done we fail to worship and fellowship. Continue to walk with the Great I am. Stand close to his shadow and not anyone else’s. Confess that he is our first love and whilst all this takes birth in our heart, the Lord stands with his open arms and looks into our heart and not the tears in our eyes. He welcomes us back again and again and again. He makes us again white as snow, washes us with his blood, cleanses us and promises us that no matter what he will always be faithful.

He will always and always be FAITHFUL. Are we faithful to what he has given us in our lives? Our job, our partner, our finances, our subordinates, our employees and to ourselves. Are we?




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