He saves you for His name


Psalm 106:8:  Nevertheless he saved them for his name’s sake that he might make his mighty power to be known.

The people of Israel doubted God in spite of seeing many miracles in the land of Egypt.  At the Red sea, they were willing to throw stones at Moses and started to grumble against his leadership and doubted in the power of God.  Yet in all these, God saved them there because He is God.  He wanted them to realize His mighty power.

God loves us unconditionally.  He will do what He has promised because He is true to His word.  He could have killed all of the Israelites at the Red sea, but He never did that because He loved them.  He wanted to prove His glorious acts in the midst of the enemies and in the presence of a stammerer for a leader, Moses, and these highly stiff necked and doubting flock of Israel.  It takes deepest love to overlook someone’s faults and yet accept them and forgive them.  Now, that is the heart of God.  The verse says above, “nevertheless he saved them.”  It means in spite of their rebellious and backsliding nature, God was gracious and kind enough to them.  How many times have we failed God like this?  It is so very easy for us to backslide when we see troubles surrounding us and difficult to trust God who is stronger than the situation.  Yet, God saves us from all our troubles not because of our family status or because we are regular to church on Sundays.  He saves us because of His name and because of His word that He will never leave us nor forsake us?

Where is God’s place in your life?  Have you made Him the passenger in your car after you sat on the steering wheel?  Exchange your seats now and allow God to steer you out of every stormy situation by handing over your life to Him.