HIS plans are for you


But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations: Psalm 33:11 

We are the believers of Christ Jesus, who has great plans for our lives. Plans to prosper us and not to destroy us. Even though we may be going through a phase in our lives, for which we might not be well prepared, we can be very confident about the fact that our GOD has planned everything for us and he will equip us to handle every uncertainty. 

The gospel of Mathew says, that if we being humans can love our children so much that we do not give them anything that is harmful or not worthy, then how much more considerate is our GOD, who laid HIS life for us. We must trust GOD and HIS plans for our lives. Even though we do not see GOD physically working, HE IS WORKING. Every day and every hour it is by HIS grace we live.  

Today as we start this brand new day, let us thank GOD for the breath that we are breathing, thank HIM for the amazing and prosperous plans HE has for our lives. HE loves us immensely and HIS plans are higher than our best ideas, so let us trust HIM and be peaceful and joyful.  



  1. Preethi Koshy
    06 Nov 2020 11:16:26 Reply

    Every message is so inspiring …God’s word is so wonderful and it is being revealed through the messages being posted everyday.I am truly in love with the word of God!!😇🙏

  2. Ramakrishna
    06 Nov 2020 11:24:23 Reply

    Yes, Indeed His plans better than us. Today morning when I about cry unto Him. He listened, answered my prayer.
    Praise God Pastor His love endures forever.
    Loving Heavenly Father thank you for granting us brand new day. In the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ let’s pray. Amen.

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