Honor God with Your Praise


Psalm 35:18 – I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people

David was at war with his enemies. They had mocked him, done evil things to him, and come together against him. David cried out to God for help against his enemies. In the verse above, David is telling God, that He will give God all the thanks and praise in public, in front of everyone for his deliverance from his enemies.

When we Praise God, we acknowledge and celebrate His work in our lives. All our blessings come from Christ the Lord. We must give Him the Glory in a congregation, in front of everyone. They should know where our help comes from. It comes from God.

Psalm 149:3-4 tells us to praise Him with dancing and music because He delights in us. Can you believe that? Praise God, who in all His Sovereignty takes delight in us.

Dear Lord, at this time I come to your presence to praise you and to Glorify your name. Thank you for all the wonders that you do in my life, Lord, thank you for delivering me from my enemies. I honor you and bless you my Lord and celebrate your works in my Life. Thank you for delighting in me Father. Amen.

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