How do you respond?


Proverbs 15:1:  A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger.

How we handle others when we are in different moods determines who we are.  How do we handle people who are angry? Do we also handle them the same way they handle us? If we do so, there is hardly any difference between them and us.  Let us not hurt anybody with harsh or grievous words.  Jesus rebuked the evil spirits but was kind to people in general.  He never hurt anyone with His tongue.

When someone irritates you when you are having a bad day, what is your reaction? When your child or spouse come to you to pour out their hearts about the day that just went by, how would you react?  Will you chase them away just because you are having an equally bad day? How we respond to each other in any given situation is important in our walk with the Lord.  Jesus had a great ministry, yet He did not lose His cool with anyone.  He knew Judas was going to betray Him one day, but He still did not oust him from the group of 12.  Jesus also knew Peter was going to deny Him thrice.  He did not reject him either.   Jesus loved people, rather loved human beings and He still loves them.

Always be polite when you are around people whether they are your own family members or office colleagues or the boss of the company.  We will not lose anything by being Christ like and kind to people whom we know and do not know.  Be gentle in your words and your answers.  You can win friends by being nice rather than being impolite and losing many opportunities to befriend someone who may be equally important to God as you are.