How to handle trials


Job 5:17-“Happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise thou not the chastening of the Almighty”.

Does the first part of this scripture leave you befuddled? “Happy is the man whom God correcteth”. Well, we know that being corrected is a good thing and ultimately works to our benefit in the big picture of our life. But ‘being happy’ about it? Eliphaz used these words to emphasize Job’s problems. God, like a male parent, corrects His children when He sees them doing wrong. Job was one of those sinful children; he was going through a chastening process of God through his earthly troubles. But Job’s errors was not the reason for his troubles. Job was a good man (Job 1:8). Job suffered because the devil opposed him. God did not cause Job to suffer. The devil caused these problems. Job suffered because the devil opposed him.

Like Job we also go through periods of trials. Sometimes, God uses times of trials to change us and to prepare us for our purpose. Therefore, during this time, we should not despise God and this correcting work that He puts us through. On the contrary, through the difficult times we ought to humble ourselves, forsake sin, and learn from it. We ought to be glad when God shows us the error of our ways instead of hating the discipline that God teaches us.

Yes, God may cause us to suffer; but He will also cure us. He will rescue us if we have 6 terrible troubles. And keep us safe even from 7 terrible troubles: 1-When other people are hungry, God will save us from death. 2-And in a battle, God will protect us from the swords of your enemy. 3-People’s words will not hurt us. 4-We will not be afraid when terrible things happen; we will laugh at destruction and famine. 5-We will not be afraid of dangerous animals. 6-We will have good crops. 7-And wild animals will not cause problems for us; we will be safe in our home and will not lose anything that we own. God cares for the people who trust him. He will rescue us, even if they suffer many terrible troubles. God promises us many wonderful things in addition to these: large numbers of descendants and offspring, and ripe years of life. In our lives on this earth, we may suffer many troubles, God will provide for us, But we should not imagine that we must be wealthy to be successful. All that we need is God, our Father.