Instructions for knowledge


Proverbs 12:1:  Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge; but he that hateth reproof is brutish.

Instruction means an order, a command, a directive, direction, etc.  Whoever loves instruction, loves knowledge.  Whoever hates instruction or a direction is an unreasoning or animal-like individual.

We all need basic instructions to lead our life.  We need directions and/or directives to go about in life.  For a child of God, those instructions are found in the word of God.  We need to know where we stand and how far away are we from knowing God.  God told Joshua that the book of the law should not depart out of his mouth and that he should meditate on it day and night, meaning that every step, choice, and decision that he makes should be based on the word of God.  When we love instructions, we love knowledge.  When we are willing to be corrected or disciplined, we are allowing our minds to receive knowledge between good and bad, right and wrong.  We will know the difference between what we don’t like and what God forbids.  When we refuse ourselves to be corrected or reprimanded, we become brutish.

Let us do ourselves a favor by willing to be corrected through God’s command.  We have the Holy Spirit in us to direct our ways.  Listen to His gentle voice always.  Bless yourselves by meditating on His word.  Gain knowledge and wisdom by preparing your minds to know what God wants you to do.  The scriptures are written for our understanding and reproof.  May God help us to live by His order and directives.