Jesus Set Us Free


John 8:36 – Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed

How great is God’s love for us that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to this world to save us? Jesus died for us on the Cross, so that we could be free of all our sins and have everlasting life.

Jesus paid the ultimate price and sacrificed Himself for our sins, why then do we still pay more attention to our sins than to our God? Jesus broke free our shackles of sin on the Cross so Jesus, our Savior, should be the center of our focus.

The devil tries to keep us bound in shackles by reminding us of our past and our sins. Today, we can break free of the shackles that bind us with our sins when we repent of our sins and ask God for His forgiveness. By the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, and with our repentance, we are set free and nothing can hold us down.

In Psalm 103:10-12 the Bible says that God does not treat us according to what we deserve. Nor does He repay us according to our sins. God’s love for us is compared to the distance between Heaven and earth. Because of this love, He has removed our sins far from us which is likened to the distance of the East from the West.

Dear Lord, thank you for the love You have for me that You sacrificed Your Beloved Son for my sins. I fix my eyes on Jesus who bought forgiveness for all my sins on the Cross. Help me Lord to not go back to my old ways but to walk with you in obedience and faith.

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