Kingdom Mysteries


Matthew 13:11 – “…it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven…”

The word “mystery” always carries a certain charm. It brings to mind stories of detectives and investigations, a hunt to find something that isn’t so obvious to others. In the three years of Jesus’ public ministry, He shared a lot of mysteries with his select disciples. They were the chosen few to whom He revealed deep truths about God and the kingdom of heaven.

Can you imagine how fortunate the disciples were to hear these kingdom mysteries from Jesus Himeslf? Jesus shared parables with the general public, but He decoded them for His disciples. Isn’t it amazing that we get to be a part of those conversations today, through the words recorded in the Bible?

While we may not audibly hear Jesus sharing parables and mysteries with us, we do have something special. The Bible is a treasure trove of secrets God wants to share with us. Each time you read through it, you will uncover new truths and deeper revelations. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and help you discover hidden meanings behind the Bible verses you read during your quiet time. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your personal tutor. He will teach you from the Word, and equip you to live a life that brings glory to God’s Name.