Listen to God’s Voice


Isaiah 30:21 (NKJV): Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.

A little boy at a friend’s birthday party got his turn to play “Pin the Donkeys Tail”. It’s a game where you are blindfolded and given a pin with a tail attached to it. To win the game, you need to pin the tail at the right place on the picture of a donkey that is hung on a wall in front of you.

As the boy moved forward blindfolded, guessing where the donkey’s picture would be and where he would pin the tail to win the prize, everyone at the party was giving him directions. Most of the other children at the party were having fun and directing him to the left or to the right to confuse him and send him in the wrong direction.

Amidst all the noise, wrong instructions, and laughter, he heard a soft familiar voice giving him directions different from where all the loud friends were directing him. It was a comforting voice that he knew well and trusted to take Him in the right direction. It was the voice of his father softer than all the noises around him, but the one he trusted to lead him on the right path.

Our Heavenly Father is like that. As we live our life on this earth, we are distracted by the ways of this world. We are distracted by the noise and the sinful pleasures of this world that lead us away from the path that God has planned for us. Our faithful God is always with us, guiding us, directing us on the right path, keeping us away from sin and trouble. When we believe in Him and have a relationship with Him, we recognize His soft voice over all the clamor of this world. No matter how far we go in the wrong path, His voice is always in our ears guiding us to return to the path that He made for us.

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