Lord of Grace, Mercy and Justice


Isaiah 30:18—”… that He may be gracious to you; And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; Blessed are all those who wait for Him.”

Often, we pray and wait on God for Him to work. But have you considered this, that God waits for us too? Why would God wait for us, mere mortals, when He can act when He wants?

1-Well, like children, we may ask for blessings at an earlier time when we are not mature enough for God to allow these blessings on us. Because He is our Father, He knows our capability to handle what and how much; He knows our faith capacity to see our spiritual blessings happen. If we received some temporary blessings, which we asked for and in proportion to our faith,  it would not be for our good to wait till sorrow had to pass. The misery of God’s people is frequently mentioned in Scripture as a motive to God’s mercy. God has perfect timing for help; He is a just God who discerns our moral condition and shapes His dealings. He never gives the wrong medicine.

2. God waits, while His work on us is ongoing, to fit us perfectly to receive His grace. God prepares our place for us and the gifts He has for us. He makes us ready for His grace. God’s work on us is to form a character fit to possess His highest gifts.
While God waits, we do not stand passive rather we exalt Him; we lift God up in the manifestation of His might. We remain in patient expectation, steadfast desire, and self-discipline to fit us for the influx of God’s grace. God exerts His power gloriously on our behalf through His mercy.

We’d rather wait for God’s timing. The waiting desire, to which God responds, is directed to something better and greater than we can imagine. They who ‘wait for Him’ in faith are blessed excluding His benefits and even apart from Himself. They patiently expect God to appear for them in His own way and time, which is a much surer way to safety and happiness than to place confidence in people.
The blessedness that we receive when we wait in faith on God to work on us, is: a calm heart, a constant touch with God, a detachment from illhealth and worries, awareness of God’s purpose in our life, and dearness of the divine gifts. When the perfect fruition comes, i.e. when we enter into Heaven, it will all seem worthwhile.