Matters of the heart and tongue


Isaiah 32:4

The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly.

Speaking without thinking. Being impulsive in your words. Blurting out not realizing the consequences. The Bible calls this ‘rash.’ This behaviour can affect relationships, health and even your spiritual life. Remember Peter? Being easily distracted, doing spur of the moment things due to lack of self-control, inability to be consistent or committed and poor planning are a few of the symptoms of a rash heart. All of this also directly affects your relationship with Christ. But there is hope. For the Bible says, people such as these, will be healed in their hearts. They will be able to express not just their thoughts, but also their faith with utmost conviction and clarity (Prov.15:28) They will have a renewed and fully aware mind that executes the Word of the Lord effectively in their own lives.

Stammerers: those who are not confident, unable to express themselves clearly and are hesitant. To these, the Lord will grace the gift of fluency, eagerness, tongues.

This is the restoration that the Lord is bringing over His people. Confess this over yourself and receive in faith-a heart that comprehends the knowledge of the Most High and a tongue that witnesses His awesome works to all men. In Jesus’ name!

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