Mercy at all times


Psalm 136:23 – “Who remembered us in our low estate: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

This scripture has the psalmist remember the enduring mercy of God in His ongoing deliverance and help. God gave the psalmist all that was needed so the Psalmist gives thanks to God.

First, God created the world, oceans, skies, sun, moon and stars. Later, God struck down the first born of Egyptians, the enemies of the Israelites who made them their slaves. God rescued Israel from this oppression by splitting the Red Sea for them to walk through and then let Pharaoh and his army die in that very sea, which He used to protect the Israelites.
God even lead His people through the desert, defeated kings and their kingdoms, then distributed their land to Israel as spoils of war. This shows God’s mercy in the past.
Next, our God remembered us when we were low. God rescued and continues to rescue us from our earthly enemies. He takes care of everyone in their time of need. This shows God’s mercy to us today.
“Sin is our enemy, and we are redeemed from it by the atoning blood; Satan is our enemy and we are redeemed from him by the Redeemer’s power; the world is our enemy, and we are redeemed from it by the Holy Spirit”—Spurgeon.
For all of this, God deserves our thanks. We must thank Him who is above all. His love never ever quits on us. This scripture shows a transition from God’s great wonders of the past to His faithful help in the present.

Thank the good Lord because: God remembered us when we were down (in the past) and when He rescued us from our enemies. God takes care of everyone in their time of need (in the present and ongoing) by giving us all we need. Why? Because His love never quits and his mercy endures forever.