No Other


1 Samuel 2:2 – “There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.”

This scripture was Hannah’s prayer when she went to leave Samuel in the temple. Imagine the situation, Hannah didn’t have a child for many years and was constantly taunted by an unkind Peninnah for this. But God our Father was watching over her and gave her a son.. The child was the most precious thing to Hannah yet she dedicated him to God. She knew the Almighty and faithful nature of God and wanted to show this forth to all. Her prayer is full of praises to God. She is thankful through this situation, not for leaving the child, but for having  God in her life. Hannah was very happy to have a son. But, God made her most happy. God saved her from the shame of not having children. God gave Hannah courage and He made her strong. Hannah tells how special God is and no one else exists like God. She likens God to a ‘rock’, which is a strong base for a house. Just as a ‘rock’ is strong and firm, people can depend on God.

What can we learn from this scripture?
– We must learn to worship God through our good times and bad times: Hannah offered praise and worship on the very day she left her only child at the tabernacle. Samuel would never live in her home again.
– We must show our love for God by rejoicing in Him and His work in our lives especially in our most desperate situations: Hannah showed the extent of her commitment and love for God that may humble us. She rejoiced on the day she made the biggest sacrifice of her life; she rejoiced in the Lord.
-We must speak of strength and power that is exalted in the Lord: The ‘horn’ depicts power, might and dominion because the strength of an ox was conveyed by its horn. Hannah said her horn was exalted (made strong) in the Lord.
– We must smile at our enemies: With the birth of Samuel, Hannah had a strong sense of liberation over her rival, Elkanah’s other wife named Peninnah. Peninnah used to cruelly bring Hannah low but now Hannah rejoiced because the Lord lifted her up.

Praise our God forever, in our good times and desperate times. Our God in whom we trust. Our Creator, Protector, Healer, Deliverer, Father and Friend. There is none like our God; no one holy like our God; no other rock like our God. Praise God forever more!