Psalm 18:39

For You have armed me with strength for the battle; You have subdued under me those who rose up against me.

Ever wondered how do soldiers feel when they are at the battlefield? Movies generally show us that they are without fear, without stress and maybe even without feelings. But there’s more to just that. These are men and women just like you and me. They have families back home. They are taught to put the nation first, which they willingly and wholeheartedly do. Yet, there are times they also feel nervous. They feel desperation to let their family know how much they love them for who knows when will be the last time they would do that. Sometimes breaking down seeing their fellow jawans severely injured or bullet ridden. They too need divine intervention and wisdom to deal with the responsibility they carry.

Today is Indian Army Day. There’s so much to learn from our soldiers. To think of it, we are all soldiers in our spiritual life too. Fighting some battle or another. Any soldier will tell you of the intense preparation that they go through before they can ever fight a war. The Lord prepares us in a similar manner before He feels we are completely ready. David believed that his victories came from the Lord Himself.

Beloved, what are you fighting today? Are you heavy ladened? Are you too disheartened to carry on? Know that your God is with you. He Himself will become your armour and your strength. He WILL help you subdue those who rise against you. You need to learn to trust in Him and His timing. Trust in His ways. He has never failed and not going to ever fail. YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUERER THROUGH CHRIST JESUS! (Rom.8:37)

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