No Worry



Therefore do not worry, saying, what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink or what shall we wear? Mathew 6:31 (NKJV)

Research says we spend on an average of five hours a day just thinking about foods and drinks we‘ll have or not have.

The questions in the verse express the condition of a distrustful and divided heart.

Our Lord Jesus Christ starts by saying “therefore do not worry”. In other words, take no thought, be no more distracted or torn in pieces with anxious and unbelieving thoughts about food, clothing and how shall we be provided for, during the remainder of our lives.

Worry contributes nothing, is worthless and is a sin.

The previous verses build our confidence as it refers to God’s care for the short-lived grass that lasts only a day. The word teaches us to expect that God will show more interest in providing for us, who have been fashioned for eternity.

In Deuteronomy God says, for forty years He led Israelites in the wilderness, yet their clothes and the sandals on their feet did not wear off. God fed them bread from heaven and water from the rock.

If you need a reminder – look out of your window and watch the birds. They are taken care of and fed by God.

One day at a time and being thankful to God’ seem to be the greatest tool to get through any problem. A pandemic, a bad relationship, or even addiction – One day at a time.

Remember five little words – For Thou (O God) are with me! (Psalm 23:4 & Mathew 28:20)



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