God’s light


Job 22:28 – “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

In this scripture, Eliphaz speaks of Job’s wickedness. Eliphaz did not accuse Job to upset him. Eliphaz wanted to help Job and hoped that Job would confess his evil deeds to God so that God would forgive Job. Then Job could have a successful life again. Eliphaz realised that real success is not money. Nobody should trust their wealth but trust God. Men used to find gold in the rocks. So Eliphaz told Job that his gold belonged in the rocks and Job should return his gold and trust God instead. Job wished that God did not watch him but hoped to speak with God one day. But Eliphaz did not know that Job was an innocent man and he already was a true servant of God. Job already trusted God. Job’s prayers mattered to God although Job did not yet realise this. In fact, Job’s troubles would end when Job prayed for his friends.

The same advice applies to us. Even if we have gone astray we can come back to God in remorse. Come back to agree with God and His Word and to abide by it. God’s Word should be our instruction. We must hide it in our heart so that we make use of it daily.

Why should we do all this? The Bible tells us that if we return to God, we will be built up. This means you will be successful again through God working in your life. Instead of looking at gold or other security in our life, you must fix your eyes on God. By delighting yourself in God, you will only look up to God. In this context, when you pray, God will definitely listen to you. Also, what ever you plan for your life (looking to God for His will), will be established through God. Established means to be successful and nobody can take that away. God’s light and favour will shine on your life. All your purposes will not be disappointed but sanctified by God. For all your counsels and actions, God will give you the light of His direction and governance, and of comfort and success. Whatever you undertake shall prosper!