Obeying God’s word


Proverbs 16:20:  He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.

Wisdom comes from God and unless we ask it of Him, we will live in ignorance of how much our life will be blessed if we had just asked God for wisdom.  If we know how to handle our day to day affairs, we will really find good in them.  Whoever trusts in the Lord is a happy person.

Listen and obey God’s word.  Put it to good use by applying godly wisdom to it.  Be prudent in all matters of life.   We cannot rely on our talents and our wisdom or understanding to go about our day to day activities of life.  We have to pay attention to God’s word and obey the written word there.  For a student to pass an exam, there is an annual exam at the end of the academic year.  Only those students who have prepared and read their lessons well will come out with flying colours.  The others would have to pass their exam again.  In the same way, we have lots of trials and challenges in our everyday life.  Unless we self-instruct on God’s word and read and obey them, we cannot be prepared for all the unpleasantness that life throws.  If we have to experience something good, we have to obey God’s word and trust in Him to be happy.

Ask God to fill you with wisdom to be able to find and enjoy whatever is good.  Let your trust always be in the Lord.

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