Praise Him Always


I will declare Your name to My brethren; In the midst of the assembly, I will sing praise to You. Hebrews 2:12

In Hebrews 2:12, we find a profound declaration, echoing the sentiments of Psalm 22:22. The writer of Hebrews draws on the rich story of Psalm 22, a psalm attributed to David. Reflecting not only on his struggles but also serves as a prophetic glimpse into the sufferings of the Messiah.

King David woke up early one day. Before listening to the voice of his parents, the request of his brothers, or going to the animal’s flock, he kneeled and prayed. During the prime time of his kingship, he kept thanking God. When he was exiled, as he journeyed through it all, he trusted God. Even Jesus quoted words from this psalm that David wrote then. His offering of communicating with God during His tests and trials is not very far from what we experience even today. However, he was assured about the nature of God. In the same way, in the New Testament, after the revelation of Jesus, it is clear who is our help. His salvation comes with a shield and protection since He suffered for us to set us free. Free to live in the life He is showing us now. Now Jesus calls us His brothers and sisters in the new covenant. We can say, that God has loved me since I was in the womb.

Today, are you feeling just like David, or may you be like Ruth, looking out for hope? He is right beside you as you close your eyes and thank God, even in the valley, for pain, grief, heartache, loss, or even something you can’t share. It might be that you are at your best now, blessed, have peace everywhere, and are prosperous, yet praise Him alone.

God tells you to share with Him and let Him show you His salvation, His way of saving, showering His grace, and restoring your life for a better today and a greater tomorrow. Lay it on Him, and keep on thanking God for all He has done for you. Because the greater days are yet to come.

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