Pray continually


I Thessalonians 4:2:  Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving.

Prayer is the vital source of energy to grow in the Lord.  Jesus, when he was on the earth, prayed for long hours to His Father. He communed with Him every single day irrespective of His busy ministerial life.

We should also likewise continue in prayer and thanksgiving.  Continuing in prayer is the only continuous thing that we as believers can do.  Whether God hears us or not, whether He speaks to us or not, we should continue in prayer.  By praying to God, we are letting God know that we are dependent on Him continually.  We are encouraged to continue praying with a grateful heart.  Let us thank God for all that He has done in our life rather than grumbling and complaining for the things that we don’t have.  A grateful heart brings more things of God to pass in our lives.

When the people of Israel grumbled and complained against God, they died and were not able to enter the promised land.  The secret of tapping into God’s  blessings is a thankful heart and by continually making our requests known to God.  Therefore, continue in prayer always.