Sea into dry land


Psalms 66:6:  He turned the sea into dry land; they went through the flood on foot; there did we rejoice in him.

God turned the sea into dry land for His people to walk over and reach the other side.  On reaching the other side, they danced and sang praises to God.  They walked over the water, over their challenging and glaring situation and came out victoriously.  That is our God.

When we trust God for His word and take Him at His promise, He will open doors for us in the midst of the sea, in the midst of the very waters which seem to challenge our faith.  He will turn the “water” in our life as dry land.  A land where we can peacefully walk over.  We actually walk over it but can hardly see it because God has turned it into a dry land, where you are safe and secure from all harm and every intimidating and overwhelming situation that can question your relationship and faith in God.  God will make you a victor at the end of your trial and you will rejoice in Him.

Cry out to God for Him to create water into dry land, to work in your life supernaturally, to open doors for you in the midst of your troublesome life.  God will make you walk over it and through it so that you will glorify His name and greatly rejoice in Him.  Be blessed.