Seek God’s Strength


1 Chronicles 16:11 – “Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!”

Prayer is a lifeline for every believer of Christ. It a constant dialogue between the Father and His child. While the frequency and intensity may vary depending on spiritual maturity, we have the quiet assurance that when we speak, the Lord hears. Yet, many times our prayers have gone unanswered. God might not have worked miraculously like we hoped He would. But in those instances, God does not leave us without help.

When God doesn’t give us a straightforward solution for our problem, He girds us with His own strength. Sometimes, all you need to do is have faith and the mountain is moved. Other times, God gives you strength to move the mountain, one rock at a time.

It is good to pray about everything and expect God to move on our behalf. But we must also be diligent to seek Him first before we seek an answer. When you have the Lord by your side, you have nothing to fear. But without Him, you can do nothing of eternal value. You need the Holy Spirit to help you live a righteous life and make wise decisions. Seek the Lord with all your heart, and He will strengthen you for the task ahead.