Seek Jesus and expand your life


Proverbs 10:22—” The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”

How many times have we heard of many celebrities who have made it to the very top of their line one day and disappeared after a couple of years or so, maybe even earlier? Some see immediate riches or wealth that grows exponentially within a short time. We may think ‘I’ve seen that God gives the wayward blessings in manifold, while some faithful seem to struggle in everyday living?’

Correction: God does not bless the wayward with riches. He may allow it for His own reasons but He does not bless them. This is why the riches gained by illegal means goes as quickly as it is amassed.

Fear-of-God expands one’s life with blessings. The best part is, there are no sorrows attached to these blessings unlike riches that we earn. When we earn riches by ourselves, we compromise on family time, health or some area. However, when God gives blessings, He does not take away from it or from another area in our life. God makes life truly rich and nothing we do can improve on God.  What God gives comes with grace; it comes with blessings and joy. Blessings do not come through the painful work of our hands and talents, but through the grace of God. This means we cannot increase these blessings via extra work. But these blessings are here to stay, to linger because God allows them. Wealth that we truly desire as believers does not trouble our Spirit when we enjoy it, we do not feel sad when we lose it. The blessings provided via the love of God, has the grace of God for its companion. In contrast, the riches of prosperous sinners is like a whirlwind; it soon spends itself and is gone. Good people last—they can’t be moved but the wicked are here today, gone tomorrow. Their ill-gotten treasures have no lasting value; their treasures profit nothing.
Make your choice today: chase after, connect and cling to Jesus, the bread of life eternal, and all else will follow.  Are you still interested to know the other option after hearing this?