Sing a New Song


Psalm 96:1 – “Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

Music has enthralled us for generations. A good song has the ability to mirror our feelings and get us out of the dumps. Talented poets and artists have been putting words to music for centuries now, many of which we know by heart. We all enjoy singing old songs that bring back memories. But in today’s verse, we see the Psalmist encouraging the people to sing a new song.

While there is familiarity in singing a song somebody else has written, nothing compares to the words that are birthed in your own heart. You are unique, and what you’ve gone through in your life is different from what others have experienced. When you open your mouth and utter your own words to the Lord, it makes your worship all the more meaningful.

Whether it’s guttural cries of anguish that escape your lips or melodious lyrics of praise, God sees your heart and the vulnerability with which you approach Him. You can be honest before Him. There’s a reason our church has time for open worship every Sunday. Don’t miss your opportunity to sing a new song to the Lord. Even if you don’t feel like praising Him, just focus on what God has done for you this far… it won’t be long before praise starts bubbling up from inside of you.

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