Speak with grace, seasoned with salt


Colossians 4:6:  Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how he ought to answer every man.

The way we speak and communicate our feelings and expressions matters a lot.  Our language and our speech should be refined.  There should be clarity and transparency in what we speak. How we convey our message to the others is important.  Jesus rebuked only the demons.  He won all the challenges posed to Him by the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  He loved people and spoke to them with compassion.

Our speech has to be filled with grace and seasoned with salt.  To speak with grace means to speak kindly, gently, speaking words of spirituality, speaking wholesomeness.  To be seasoned with salt means adding effect or flavour to speech.  Paul also admonishes in Ephesians that no vain word or useless word should ever come out of their mouths. Let us be careful as to how we deal each other and how much pleasantness and grace is there in our speech.  Do not be impolite, accommodate others in your life with kindness and the love of Christ.  Win people with your words, don’t lose them with vain arguments and proving that you are right always.

Let us learn to be always humble and to speak with grace.  Let our speech be seasoned with salt so that our words will have a lasting impression on people.  Let Christ’s love be shown in us richly through our words as well as our deeds.