Step by Step


Psalm 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

A lot of people aren’t too fond of the dark. A simple power cut is enough to get us all scrambling towards our mobile phones, torches or candles. We need light; we simply can’t function without it. A person who suddenly loses their eyesight would take months to learn how to work in perpetual darkness. They have to make use of their other senses and hear/feel their way around.

Some of us go through life the same way. God has promised us light for our life’s journey, but we still insist on using our own intuitions and knowledge, or rely on other people to progress in life. God has given us His Word to guide us along our path. While the future may look dark and bleak, we are not left without help.

The Word of God is a lantern that gives us just enough light for the next step we need to take. We don’t have to fumble and feel our way in the darkness. We just need to hold God’s hand and take the next step in faith. If you feel stuck in your life, pray and seek God’s guidance. Then trust God and do the next right thing. Take one small step at a time and you will find yourself steadily moving towards the glorious future God has planned for you.