The bruised devil


Romans 16:20:  And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  Amen.

Satan was bruised at Calvary under the feet of Jesus.  Paul writes to the church at Rome that the God of peace shall bruise Satan under their feet.  God has given us power over snakes and scorpions and over all the evil forces.

The place where Satan belongs is under our feet.  He may roam about like a roaring lion waiting to devour someone.  His intentions for a child of God is always evil and harmful.  God is peace loving, and the devil loves to cause fights and strifes and peacelessness, but God will shortly put him under our feet.  He has given us authority to trample all kinds of demonic forces.  They will bow down or flee the place at the mention of the name of Jesus.  By bruising the devil’s head, it means that God will strip the devil of his authority and sovereignty and particularly of his power over death.  His usurped power shall be entirely crushed, and he shall forever be God’s captive.

Celebrate God’s victory over sin and death.  The devil will soon be captured and crushed forever.  He will become God’s permanent prisoner.  He will find it hard to wag his tail again because he will remain forever defeated.  His plans will be nullified.  His tyranny will end soon and God’s people will be able to live joyfully and in harmony.  May God’s grace be with everyone.  Lead a victorious life for God.