The favored generation


Behold now, thy servant hath found grace in thy sight, and thou hast magnified thy mercy, which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life;
Genesis 19:19 KJV

In today’s world a lot of people emphasize on Karma, good deeds, so on and so forth. But as children of God let us learn to differentiate and understand what God intended to do for us and why we are so privileged. The current generation has taken over the world with evolving ideas and concepts to build the world in the name of development and service.

Science and technology is on the spree to make mankind invincible, from genetic alterations to artificial organ transplants. While science and nature is a gift of God, we often misuse this gift. Some where all of us have begun to think and believe that we are able to be righteous and good by our own deeds, in fact the world we live in is building a society to be more science-reliant perhaps even self-reliant and invincible. Take a moment and think for yourselves, would it be possible to earn salvation by our own deeds? Is it possible for science to withstand the wrath of nature?

It is this pride and ignorance that fails us from understanding the privilege God has blessed us with. Is it not through the blood of Christ we are cleansed from our sicknesses and sins? Is it not through the gift of Calvary we reconcile with our heavenly Father in the light of eternity? Is it not a privilege to be the children of God and find favor in His eyes not by our deeds but by the love for His children? Let us praise and Thank God for His unconditional love and mercy.

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