The Gift of ‘Everyday’


Psalms 118:24
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Most of us know this psalm byheart as a verse or as a song we sing so often. Let’s read further to know it’s meaning.

Psalms 118 is said to have likely been penned when David defeated the Philistines and was crowned king of Israel. David’s heart was so joyful that he finally found some freedom and he could rest, instead of him being constantly on the run for his life.

The other possibility of the timing of this writing is said to be when the Israelites were released from Babylon and the walls of Jerusalem were being rebuilt.

For David it mattered to thank God for good and successful days. When we read David’s psalms, he was so expressive towards God, that in his days of distress he cried out to God and in his days of success he thanked God. His life seemed to be centered around God.

Psalms 118 reminds us to be thankful and rejoice in each day that God graciously gives to us as a gift (Psalm 115:17). Research says that an attitude of gratitude not only keeps us happy and peaceful, it actually improves our health, helps us deal with adversity and helps us nurture strong and healthy relationships.

It’s not joy that makes us grateful, its gratitude that makes us joyful.


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