The Gift of Salvation


1 Chronicles 16:23  Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.


All of us love valuable gifts, don’t we? Even if the gift is small, it does its bit to put a smile on our face.

When gifted a pair of earrings that look great, don’t girls pull their hair back to display their gleaming acquisition? And what about boys who never tuck in their shirts, but change that habit when gifted a belt with a shiny buckle?

If these gifts mean so much to us that we display them with pride, then how much more should we proclaim the gift of Salvation?

Unlike the gifts of the world, the value of Salvation does not decrease with time. In fact, it becomes more potent with every passing day.

David understood this principle!

Even as a shepherd boy, he did not value his harp more than the songs he sang to the Lord. When he was the crowned king of Israel, he received gifts on a regular basis. From ornaments of gold to royal robes, there was nothing of greater value in his time that David did not receive as a gift.

But, he did not treasure these gifts more than the gift of Salvation!

When our heart is in the right place, we’ll treasure divine gifts that last forever! Every other worldly blessing will be showered on us as we proclaim the most precious gift in our life – The Gift of Salvation!

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