The God of completion


Psalm 138:8:  The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

Perfect means to make something free of faults or defects; complete; make as good as possible.  God will bring to completion or make good everything that we are so worried about or about everything that concerns us.  He is concerned about the things that we are concerned.

God is concerned about His people.  He will make sure that everything that concerns us is brought to fruition or brought to completion.  Our hopes, our relationships, our finances, our strengths everything will be brought to perfection by God.  The attitude of the psalmist here is so very relaxing about his perspective of God.  He is so confident that God will take care of his needs.  God’s work is perfect.  He will not leave anything half done.  He works on it until He has brought it to perfection.  He is not clumsy as us humans.  Whoever sees the finish work of God will never complain about anything.  His works are nothing short of perfection.  When He begins to do something in our life, it is always more than just awesome.  His word says do not worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow has its own worries.  He has told in His word to cast all our cares and burdens on Him for He cares about us.  Yes, He is concerned about us.

Cheer up and look straight ahead in your journey called life.  Start relaxing in the next phase of your life.  You have a God who will do everything perfect in His time.  Are you willing to believe this?