The Large Basket of Burdens


Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Once upon time, a train was journeying from a village to city. The course of the Journey was short compared to others. There was a lady from a small village travelling on the train and she was carrying a large basket with many heavy utensils that she was going to sell for a small margin of profit to sustain her livelihood and there was nothing odd about that however there was one thing that was odd about the woman. She kept the heavy basket on her head throughout the journey. Although it was a short journey it was completely unnecessary to carry the heavy basket on her head the whole time. She could have just kept it down beside her. She could have put her burden down and taken some rest while she journeyed.

We all are pilgrims on the earth. This is not our home. We belong an eternal home called heaven. We are journeying through life and sometimes we carry burdens completely unnecessarily. Just like the Lady on the train. Today we can pause and take a moment to talk to the Lord. We can take up his offer. He says to come to him.

Coming to Him

It doesn’t matter where we stand in life, just make a choice to come to Him. Just like a child that is messy, hurt, upset and doesn’t have it all together He calls you to come to Him. That is exactly where you belong. In His presence with Him. So come boldly through the blood of Jesus in His name.

Labor and Heavy Loads

Relationships, finances, health and careers are some areas where we carry loads and where we labor. Regardless of the area where you feel you are laboring, and the load is too heavy He calls you to come Him. In prayer and surrender.

Rest, The Promise

The Father promises to give you rest. It does not depend on your own strength but His and He is able. HE is El Shaddai. Almighty God. He will keep his word. Heaven and the earth may pass but His word will stand forever so you can count on Him. Lay your burdens down today and rest in His promise.

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