The Power of Praise


Psalm 71:8 KJV “Let my mouth be filled with thy praise, and with thy honour all the day.”

The above verse encourages us to have a heart of praise towards the Lord as it is an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving. Prayer and praise go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Praise fosters awareness of God’s presence in our lives. Praise creates an atmosphere in which faith operates freely, subduing doubts and negative thoughts. It brings us closer to our creator.

One of the main purposes of our lives is to give our Lord the praise and reverence He deserves. When we look at all the beautiful things our Lord has made, we cannot help but be in awe of His marvellous power and persona.

As children of God, we are called to praise Him according to His greatness. Regardless of the circumstances we might be in or the troubles we may be facing, praising God should be our priority. Praising the Lord in difficult times ensures deliverance from bondages and victory in trying situations. When we approach His throne with humility and praise, His grace and blessings become inevitable in our lives.

Are you ready to offer a sacrifice of praise to the One who died for you on the cross and bought you freedom and salvation? Let us commit today that no matter what we may be going through and how our life has turned out so far, we will give our Lord Jesus Christ the highest praise because every breath we take is due to Him and Him alone.

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