Triumphant Christ


Colossians 2:15:  Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

By the death of Jesus on the cross, Satan was defeated.  His entire force and his angels lost their faces on the day Jesus triumphed over them at Calvary by paying His precious blood for us.  He made a public spectacle of them, letting the whole world know that His death would bring salvation and redemption for everyone who believes and trusts in Him.

We were held in a strong grip by the principalities and powers of this world, Satan’s army.  He had made the world a chaotic place to live in without any hope of hope or faith in God.  He made everyone captive to sin and a slave branded for life.  Jesus came and disarmed Satan’s hold and power over us.  He bore all affliction and shame and the painful death on the cross just for us so that we would be delivered from the clutches of the devil’s authority and reign over us.  By coming back to life, Jesus proved that He is a conqueror having conquered Satan’s hold over the people whom He created.  He delivered and set His people free and His mercy and grace is still available to everyone who goes to Him.

Let us rejoice in the fact that there is nothing to be scared of or worried because Jesus has disarmed those powers that were against us.  They are powerless and without any arms now.  The blood of Jesus will save us and keep the enemy at bay.  Celebrate the victory that Jesus has wrought for us against the enemy of our soul.