Trust GOD and Keep Going


Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Romans 8:33

Just imagine for a moment that the prime minister of our nation has spoken for you, he has taken a particular interest in your citizenship to this country, and values you as a citizen. He is justifying for you. How thrilling to merely imagine this situation. 

Whereas the Bible tells us, for a child of GOD, it’s not just an imagination or hypothetical situation, but a reality that GOD is for us. GOD the creator of all things on earth, above and below, on Whose command the sun rises and sets every day, Who gives the gift of breath to every living soul, under whose authority every being on earth is birthed and dies, HE is for us. HE justifies us. HE is our advocate, who defends us as well as fights for us. 

The word of GOD is proof because it reveals to us the blessings of having GOD as our justifier. Every time GOD was with Israel, they won every battle, GOD was with Moses, and he could lead Israel from slavery to freedom with a stammering speech, GOD was with Gideon and he could defeat his adversary with the smallest army, GOD was with Ruth, thereby changing her fate from a young hopeless widow into a mother of future kings of Israel.

Today, believe and know this for sure, GOD IS WITH YOU, and HE justifies you.  He will change your failures into opportunities, your weaknesses into gateways of possibilities. You are HIS child, and HE is a protector of HIS children. HE will never leave nor forsake. Trust GOD and keep going. 


  1. Anubha
    28 Jan 2023 00:23:31 Reply

    thank you Holy spirit for confirming me again That my Papa Loves n care for me still when I have broken n left all my hope ……wt all wrong voice still small voice of my Papa is telling me He really care about me Thank Papa for your mercy n abatance of grace …

  2. Nicholas Pink
    28 Jan 2023 05:30:48 Reply

    Thank you lord for your protection,I thank and praise you lord Jesus for all your goodness be with us lord in all that we do in Jesus name I pray Amen 🙏

  3. M. ARUN Kumar
    28 Jan 2023 14:23:26 Reply

    praise be to God🙌👆🌸Glory to Jesus Christ👆🙌🌸Amen🙏.

  4. Anupama Manjunath
    29 Jan 2023 14:13:11 Reply

    Lovely ❤️💕 Encouraging message Pastor …last Paragraph with Ruth Example …Blessed me to indeed carry on in My Grief and Lonliness andMy weakness

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