Turn your eyes to the unchanging one.


“At the very moment I called out to you, you answered me! You strengthened me deep within my soul and breathed fresh courage into me.” Psalm 138:3 (the Passion Translation)

Have you ever thought what would happen if the gravitational force of our earth was a little higher or lower? Our Earth would have been uninhabitable, just like Venus or Jupiter. One can see the greatness and the mercy of Our God, in the very crux of our existence on this earth called gravity. Our GOD knows exactly what is needed and how much is needed for us to thrive and to have a good life. 

We go through troubled waters in our life, but the focus of our mind should not be on the uncertainties and the disappointments it brings with it, rather we need to fix our attention on the everlasting and never slumbering GOD to take us through our season of trouble. 

We can be rest assured that, the moment we call on our GOD, we will be strengthened deep within our hearts and will gain the courage that is required by us for our troubled times.  

When in times of distress just look around to see how faithful  our GOD has been, who makes the sun shine on us, who makes the air for us to breathe, it is JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD who protects us with HIS Blood. The moment we call out to HIM, He WILL MAKE US COURAGEOUS 

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